The Court again decides in favor of the environment and the citizens in the case of the “Adventure Park” in Germia park

The Court again decides in favor of the Environment and Citizens in the case of the “Adventure Park” in Gërmi, the place where it was planned to build the “Adventure Park” is the richest and most important biodiversity area in the protected landscape Gërmia, an area where are also found the oldest and most preserved beech forests in the region. By issuing the environmental permit, the Municipality of Prishtina had avoided legal requirements and public involvement in decision-making for such an important project for citizens and nature.
GLPS and Active Citizens had filed lawsuits against the Municipal Adventure Park permit and requested that the execution of this permit be postponed until the court had ruled on the case. The Basic Court had approved this request as grounded, but the Court of Appeals had returned it for reinstatement. Even after the decision of the Court of Appeals, the Basic Court again approved as grounded the request of GLPS and Active Citizens to postpone the execution of the permit for the Adventure Park, finding that the plaintiffs have provided credible evidence which proves the execution of the decision would bring harm that is difficult to repair and that postponement is not contrary to the public interest.
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