World Migratory Bird Day is marked with the installation of wooden bird nests

On May 10, the World Migratory Bird Day was marked by EC Ma Ndryshe with the installation of several wooden bird nests in the city park of Gjakova. These lodges were built and set up together with KVRL (Local Youth Action Council) volunteers.

The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the creation of suitable conditions and protection of the habitat of these species. Bird houses are of particular importance because they provide a safe place for birds to build their nests, protecting them from the weather and predators.

Birds play a dynamic role in the functioning and maintenance of ecosystems. The ecological importance of birds is emphasized in many areas. They serve as pest controllers. Since birds feed on insects, they help eliminate unwanted pests and reduce the need to use harmful pesticides.
On the other hand a great contribution that birds make is also the conservation of plants. After eating plants, they keep the seeds in their intestines and store them in new places, contributing to the spread of flora.

As we are increasingly facing the loss of habitats and the reduction of bird nesting sites, it is seen necessary to implement such an initiative, hoping that this will convey the message to citizens and institutions to increase care for this important ecosystem categories

Embassy of Sweden in Pristina
Community Development Fund – CDF
EC Ma Ndryshe