Debate on Air Quality and Energy Transition

A live debate through CoopAIRation: Air Quality and Energy Transition in Kosovo and in Serbia debate #LIVE will be held today at 12h, where Rinora Gojani, Programmes and Operations Manager at BGF, will be one of the speakers.

Air pollution has proven to be a massive problem and a shared challenge at the regional level that has already given rise to numerous protests in the Western Balkans. Pollution has reached levels so high across the region that the health hazard is impossible to ignore. These problems are becoming worse in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people living in areas affected by heavy air pollution have been found to be much more vulnerable to the effects of the novel coronavirus.

In Kosovo and Serbia poor air quality can be summarized in their heavy dependence on fossil fuels, both for energy production and household heating, significant pollution in urban areas, as well as a lack of data and information on the quality of air.

The problem of air quality as well as a necessity for the transformation of the energy sector have also been emphasized within the context of the EU integration of Serbia and Kosovo. The aim of this discussion is to provide an overview of the key challenges as well as to present possible modalities for enhancing cooperation in tackling these issues.