INDEP Publishes the Policy Analysis “The Recovery is Green – Renewable Energy Challenges and Opportunities Policy Analysis”

Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) calls on Kosovo’s institutions to lead the way towards Green Recovery, starting with large investments in the renewable energy sector through its revised/expanded Economic Recovery package. Through this analysis, INDEP provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities for the promotion and investments in the renewable sector, as well as the set of policies available to policymakers concerning the inclusion of renewables in the revised/expanded recovery package.

Based on the findings of the paper, INDEP recommends the Government of Kosovo to:

• to include green stimulus measures as a part of the revised/expanded green economic recovery plan,

• to abolish the VAT on the purchase and installation of PV systems in Kosovo,

• to ensure the adoption of a net billing policy and then enforce and implement it,

• to subsidize the prosumers of small-scale solar PV,

• to strategically use public resources committed to green measures in order to mobilize capital from private sources,

• to use OECD’s Green Budgeting Framework tool,

• to conduct awareness-raising campaigns for the benefits of using RES small generators especially Solar PV in rooftops, and

• to monitor and evaluate the green recovery measures.

To read the full paper available in English, click on this link:

This paper is supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and is published in the framework of Sustainable Development program of INDEP.