‘Green Talk’in the city of Gjakova

On March 18, World Recycling Day, EC Ma Ndryshe organized an environmental debate in the city of Gjakova. Participating in the debate was the mayor, Mr. Ardian Gjini, environmental official, Mr. Fatos Deda, and the students and teachers from the primary schools ‘Emin Duraku’, ‘Fehmi Agani’, ‘Yll Morina’ and ‘Mazllum Këpuska’.

At the beginning of the debate, Meral Bakic from EC presented the work of the organization, the project within which this activity was organized, and the purpose of carrying out such activities.

In his speech, Mr. Gjini stressed that Gjakova has a problem with waste management but that work is being done to reduce the number of landfills and improve their treatment. Regarding greenery, it was said that in the last three years, the municipal government has planted about 12 thousand seedlings and that it will continue with this practice in the future. For the general projects in the field of environment were mentioned the cleaning of the transfer center, the collector project and the sewage plant that will be finalized in the summer of this year and the sewerage network project.

In the following, the activities of the schools in the field of environment were presented, where the existence of green clubs in the four schools was mentioned, recycling projects, cleaning actions, enrichment of schools with baskets, seats and cubes, planting with saplings and marking of environmental days with activities from the most diverse. The students also took the opportunity to present to the municipal officials the main concerns they have about the environment where the illegal buildings were mentioned, the increase in the number of cars, the waste around school buildings, the damage to green spaces and the lack of fines for damages caused in environment.

The meeting was held respecting the measures set by the NIPHK

Community Development Fund – CDF
Embassy of Sweden in Pristina
EC Ma Ndryshe