EC continues the series of debates “Green Talks – Green Talks”

EC Ma Ndryshe has continued the series of debates “Green Talks – Green Conversations”, the purpose of which is to promote the debate on the environment between school students and representatives of institutions and to inform both parties about each other’s commitments, with a focus. environmental issues.

This time the debate was held in the city of Lipjan, where the deputy mayor of Lipjan, Mr. Fauz Xhemajli, as well as students and teachers from Primary and Lower Secondary Schools participated: “The two martyrs”, “Emin Duraku”, “Ismail Luma ”and“ Frashëri Brothers ”.

At the beginning of this meeting was presented the project within which this activity is organized by Nora Simitçiu-EC Ma Ndryshe, as well as the purpose of carrying out such activities. environmental research.

Then, before the vice-president, representatives of the present schools presented the activities with which they are engaged. The students have announced their commitment through which they have contributed to the realization of cleaning actions and planting actions, interventions in schoolyards through recyclable materials, the functioning of “Smart bin” baskets and the like. However, students have assessed the interventions so far as insufficient, given the capacity of schools. They have also addressed the issue of lack of usable green spaces within the yards of their schools and have displayed requests for green enrichment of certain areas. Students were also asked to increase urban inventory to increase the comfort and usability of common spaces with special emphasis on creating toy corners within the school yard spaces.

On the other hand, the Deputy Mayor Mr. Xhemajli informed the participants about the current activities and projects of the Municipality. He emphasized that the Municipality of Lipjan has been very supportive of numerous initiatives, such as: interventions in parks and planting seedlings. The representative of the Municipality also said that he will continue to support the requests of the citizens because they are appropriate and welcome for the Municipality of Lipjan and that they are open for joint planning and any other request for cooperation that may arise in the future from these School.