January 26 – International Environmental Education Day

Environmental education is the learning process that increases people’s knowledge and awareness of the environment and related challenges, that develops the necessary skills and expertise, fosters attitudes, motivations, and commitments to take appropriate decisions and take responsible action.

Educating the younger generation is the key to a cleaner and more beautiful Kosovo. Harmony with the environment brings harmony within the community itself. The younger generation needs to be more educated about the environment, because the nature that surrounds us determines who we are, as citizens, students, and human beings. Environmental education develops students’ knowledge, to analyze problems and find optimal solutions to the major concerns that have emerged today for the environment and the environmental perspective.

Throughout the developed world for years a strong emphasis is being placed on equipping students with the best knowledge and best practices of environmental protection by seeing children not just the next Siberian with a new mindset and new habits for the protection of a clean and stable environment, as well as those who with their words and actions from an early age can have an impact on parents, their families and the community around them. GAC in the continuation of activities for environmental education, provides material for teachers, as a module of workshops with environmental themes that serves to develop activities for school students at the primary level.

This manual aims to summarize the best environmental education practice by marking environmentally important environmental days through workshops with nine-year school students.