KOSID published a legal analysis called “Sharri National Park: The target of Crime”

This research addresses the legal violations taking place in the National Park “Sharri” regarding this park’s flora and fauna.

The legal analysis elaborates the destruction of the National Park “Sharri” by the human factor, whether individual or organized criminal group.

KOSID has identified these threats as the main threats to the values of Sharri National Park: Hunting and poaching, Wildfires, and the degradation of forests through deforestation.

Some of the nature degradations that KOSID research has managed to identify are violations of the laws in force in the Republic of Kosovo, and here are some of them:

  1. Increase in the number of fires in the last four years;
  2. Forest damage from illegal logging in large quantities and a large number of lawsuits against individuals who have degraded the forest;
  3. Fauna is vulnerable in the National Park “Sharri”. Where endangered species are being threatened by hunting and poaching;
  4. Non-enforcement of the laws by individuals for personal economic benefits.

These and many other violations listed in the report on “Sharri National Park: The target of Crime” can be found in three languages: Albanian, Serbian and English, on the KOSID website: