Greenhouse gas emissions in Kosovo

Greenhouse gas emissions in Kosovo
The increase of atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases produces effects on climate change, respectively on its heating. It is estimated that globally from 1990 until today, the effect of total heating from greenhouse gases emanating from anthropogenic activities has increased to about 40%.

Kosovo, the total annual greenhouse gas emissions during the period 2008-2018 vary between 9489 Gg CO2 eq. (2008) and 10164 Gg CO2 eq (2016). Emissions depend largely on energy demand and the activities of the energy sector which is the main emission sector in the country with 87%.

Compared to other countries in Europe, Kosovo has lower emissions (5 tons of CO2 equivalent) per capita than the European Union average, but has higher emissions than some of the countries in the region. As for CO2 emissions per unit of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Kosovo with 0.5 kg of CO2 has higher emissions than the European Union average and higher than other countries in the region.

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