INDEP starts with the Club of Sustainable Development Goals (SCDs) dedicated to 38 municipalities of Kosovo

In the framework of the project “Integration of Sustainable Development Objectives (SDCs) in the Dialogue Processes at the Municipal Level of Kosovo”, INDEP has started holding the first sessions as part of the SDC Club in Kosovo.

Such clubs are held all over the world dedicated to different target groups, while INDEP has designed the Club specifically for municipal officials who for 2 days in a row will gain more knowledge about the CDS and Agenda 2030. The main goal of the CDS Club- is to support 115 municipal officials from all municipalities in Kosovo in drafting the dialogue process for the MDGs and the 2030 Agenda and to encourage dialogue between key actors in the field by bringing them together in one place and discussing the next steps that should be undertaken towards advancing the 2030 Agenda in Kosovo.

Trainings dedicated to municipal officials will be divided into 2 sessions through which the role of municipal level representatives in promoting sustainable development in their municipalities will be discussed, along with their capacity building towards integration, monitoring and CDS reporting. The initial sessions were held today, and they will welcome many other municipal officials for the next 7 days.