Launch of the HAPUKS public spaces platform

The platform of public spaces in Kosovo established by EC Ma Ndryshe aims to reflect the state of public spaces of our cities, starting this year with those of the city of Prizren. The platform has an interactive map where you can navigate the identified public spaces but also other information such as infographics, projects and the category of multimedia with additional literature. In this virtual presentation of the platform will be given some of the findings of the research of public spaces in Prizren.

The HAPUKS platform for the Municipality of Prizren was implemented within the project “rePUBLIC SPACES” which was financially supported by UN-HABITAT. Within this project, an investment has been made in the new park of the Lakuriq neighborhood in Prizren. This park is designed through the methodology of urban planning with the participation of neighborhood residents along with the internationally known virtual game – MineCraft of the Block after Block foundation.

In this virtual session you will be able to watch the premiere of the short documentary of the project “rePUBLIC SPACES”.