Let’s Do It tomorrow marks International Volunteer Day by announcing 2020 volunteers

Let’s Do It as one of the largest organizations in the country that carries out various environmental (but not only) volunteer activities for almost 10 years now, tomorrow will mark the International Volunteer Day by announcing the 2020 volunteers.

The 2020 volunteer announcement ceremony will be held at Let’s Do It offices which are located on Pashko Vasa Street in the Peyton neighborhood (Prishtina), starting at 11:00.

Volunteers of the year who will be announced tomorrow, continue to give their contribution for many years now in various fields for the benefit of the country and society. We have distinguished them the most for their contribution in the field of environmental protection, in the fight against COVID-19 as well as in some other very interesting areas which will be announced tomorrow.

The announcement of volunteers of the year was planned to be a greater event, as is the volunteer work itself, but due to the situation with the pandemic the number of participants and other guests has been reduced. On this occasion, all other measures have been taken to protect against COVID-19!