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Ky eshte materiali i fundit

It included some good news, stating that school enrolment has increased in 2019 compared to the previous years, however, the pandemic could erase these results and girls are a particularly vulnerable group in the current situation. Educators are trying to prevent such disastrous consequences by preparing families for distance learning in case of a second lockdown. A further challenge is the reduction of class sizes all around the world, meaning that fewer children will be able to attend school. However, despite the challenges, refugee children are very much motivated to learn and volunteers on the Greek islands have been distributing learning materials to help them on track with the school curriculum.

Please find more information inside the report:

  • Chapter 1: Refugee enrolment – What the data tells us?
  • Chapter 2: Family
  • Chapter 3: Community
    • Fives ways education kept going:
      • Kenya – All we need is Radio Gargaar
      • Bolivia – The classroom on wheels
      • Uganda – Online or offline, making education work
      • Chad – Parent power keeps the homework flowing
      • Democratic Republic of the Congo – Lessons in the open air
  • Chapter 5: Government
  • Chapter 6: Violence against schools